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stealing with good judgement

the only originality I can hope to acheive

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23 October
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One cold winter day, a man came home during his lunch break, looked deep into the eyes of his woman, and said "Okay. babe-a, let's do this, I have to get back to work." Nine months later a child was born. She had porcelain white skin, bright blue eyes, and nay a single hair on her head.

Currently she has a lot more hair, and is living in Japan teaching English to teenagers (or trying to).
my family, my friends, my cat, Colorado, Japan, pizza, margaritas, comics, movies, music, The Office
I'm using this journal to keep in touch with my IRL friends, so if you are an IRL friend, of course you can friend me.
Also since I'm a nerd and like making Office Icons, feel free to friend me to see the Office goodies (that is if you don't mind posts about my boring life showing up on your flist as well).
30 Rock
Friday Night Lights
And of course The Office
(geeked out beyond belief on that show, gotta fansite and everything)
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