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Still Office Trash after all these years!

Hey LJ, it's been . . . a while! I'm back to do a little shameless self-promoting. And somehow it's all Office related!

First off, I renewed my Office feels last summer watching it on Netflix and also found a folder of unfinished and half-thought-out fic ideas so I decided to see what MoreThanThat was up to. And long story short I'm now a mod! We're planning lots of new features and updates but for now we just would really like readers and writers new and old to check us out, posts new stories or reviews, and just relive those JAMming days!

Go to MoreThanThat!

In addition to getting sucked into fanfic, I also decided to try out my art skillz (I do have an art degree after all!) and began doing these Jim and Pam colored pencil drawings. I've been putting them on Tumblr and Instagram and the response as been so amazing I can't believe it. I even got a like from Jenna Fischer on Instagram!

*p.s. I do have a RedBubble account*

That's about all for me, again you can check me on Instagram, Tumblr or at MoreThanThat. I'm always happy to see fellow Office flans so don't be shy, say hi! Also, not sure if anyone's still into LJ or moodthemes but I do have my awesome mood theme I create many summers ago. I think the links all work and if you can find some use for it, great!
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