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Making an Office Mood Theme

Last summer, I made an animated Jim and Pam mood theme which was the single most awesome Jim/Pam related thing ever! Okay, maybe Top 5. Eh, it was okay. Anyway! Since my love for the show is still undying and I suddenly find myself with some time, I'm going to undertake making a general Office theme. The goal is to have it done by September 25th. I have it all mapped so that I give equal love to all the cast and all the seasons.

Now the point where I ask for help! See there's 132 LJ emotions, 65 Office episodes, like 18 regular cast members . . . the mind boggles. So, please post any and all suggestions for moods, especially scenes with the secondary characters. Here's a list of the 132 LJ emotions. Carpel Tunnel, here I come!
Tags: mood theme, office icons
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