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Becoming Jane, and the magic of the Puffy Shirt

Since I've exhausted my supply of TV shows (is it really another month until new Office and 30 Rock?) I've turned to movies, and last night I watched "Becoming Jane". I'm a sucker for Jane Austen movies and I'll tell you why: curly-haired guys in puffy shirts. Really, what is it about long (preferably curly) hair and puffy shirts with the frou-frou collars? I mean look!

Matthew MacFadyen is good looking and all, but with the short hair and modern clothes, he looks a little too much like Tom Hanks. Run, Forrest!

But once he has the long hair and foofy collar in Pride and Prejudice . . . .

Most agreeable, indeed, and enough to tempt the most prudent of maids (that's bad-Austen-speak for "he looks good")

This is not the only actor who is somehow enhanced by the odd magic of the puffy shirt.

Like Hugh Dancy, modern suits just make him look like a yuppie (granted, the totally 80s hair-do doesn't help, what is this, Breakfast Club?)

But with longer hair and a puffy shirt?

Yummy. And yes, Ella Enchanted is totally one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies.

Now Orlando Bloom is pretty hot in any hairstyle and fashion, so why was I so dissatisfied with his Rolling Stone cover?

His face looks scared or worried, and the posture makes me think he's thinking "Damn, I should have worn a coat today!" For Rolling Stone to have a good looking guy on the cover is rare since most of the covers are devoted to three-quarters naked woman and/or really haggard looking male singers, but could they have chosen a more generic shot? It needs more oompf, more attitude. It needs long hair and a puffy shirt!

YES! A maroon puffy shirt, no less. Bonus points for the frilly little cuffs.

One actor that I think benefits greatly from the puffy shirt is Ioan Gruffudd (which is supposedly pronounced "Griffith"? WTF?) Anyway, in normal clothes, he kind of looks like a schmuck.

Fortunately, he always seems to be in period movies, and therefore often dons long hair and a puffy shirt.

Much, much better.

So this leads me to "Becoming Jane". The movie itself is a little all over the place and some things are never well explained. Like Jane saying she was raised by brothers, when we only ever see the one. I also never understood what was so bad about the guy that proposed to her. And who the hell was the deaf dude? One of the brothers? Some guy wandering on the set? Did he have a name?

One of the two good points of "Becoming Jane" is me being a big Anne Hathaway fan. I guess the choice for her to play Jane was criticized because she's not British and her accent's a little funky. How come there never any outrage when a British actor plays an American? I guess because they somehow get the accent so perfect, I don't know they're not American until I see them on the Tonight Show and say, "Holy Crap, that guy from 'House' has an accent!

So what's the other good point of "Becoming Jane"? Puffy shirts and frilly collars, of course!

That's right, James McAvoy is wearing a green velvet jacket over what I know is a puffy shirt. Fantastic.

So while I thought the movie was just okay, my love of the puffy shirt and frilly collar continues to grow. I also like the scenes where Tom appears at the ball, and his little candle-lit "Goodnight" tease, so I made icons of them.

Okay, I think I've exhibited enough embarrassing nerd-dom in this post, so I shall bid you adieu.
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