Lauren (ladama23) wrote,

So bad at updating . . .

I know a few of you might still be waiting for "November in Japan: part 2" but here's some tidbits to tie you over.

I've re-contracted for another year with JET. Why? Good money and lack of a post-JET plan; the reasons they tell you NOT to re-contract, oops. :-P

It snowed in my town for the first time in 2 years on Wednesday. I was at an elementary school and the kids were over-joyed. We had a snowball fight, if you can call a ball that's 1 part snow and 3 parts dirt a "snowball" that is.

And after being here for 5 months I found out the ALT gets a cabinet full of supplies at one of my schools. Not that I make a lot of things for class, but way to keep me informed, JTEs.
Tags: japan, jet, life
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